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5 Advantages of Printer Rental

November 24, 2016

5 Advantages of Printer Rental

With the typical UK office worker using around 6,000 sheets of paper a year – or 500 per month – it will soon become clear to your business, even if it is a very small company or start-up, just how expensive your day-to-day office printing can become.

Sooner rather than later, you may decide that you need a printer in the office – but should you buy such a machine outright or rent it on a shorter-term basis?

Here are just five of the latter’s advantages.

  1. It’s a more cost-effective short-term solution

When you are only just starting out in business in particular, it can be very easy to balk at the prospect of ploughing many thousands of pounds into the purchase of a printer that you may not even still require at the conclusion of your next big client assignment.

Renting, by comparison, will only typically set back your business a few hundred pounds a month at most – a more than acceptable cost, given the benefit to your company of providing your clients with the very best possible work as a result.

  1. It’s perfect for one-off events

Do you require a printer of a certain high specification, but only for one major upcoming conference, trade show, convention or meeting for which your firm needs to make the very best impression?

In that case, renting rather than buying a printer is an easy choice to make. You will be able to gain access to a brilliant printer, while saving money that can be spent on the many other crucial aspects of the event.

  1. It makes the very best printer attainable

The higher the standard of printer that your business uses, the better the impression that you will make on the clients and contacts that encounter your printed materials.

Renting can be a godsend in enabling you to afford a standard of printer that would have been beyond your budget if you were looking to purchase outright. A printer that you may have had to pay about £2,000 to buy outright, for example, may be available for a rental price of well under £100 a month.

  1. It doesn’t tie you down

Many business owners may presume that printer rental surely has to come with some kind of catch – maybe there’s a costly long contract to which you need to commit, for example?

Thankfully, such is the competition between printer rental specialists in the present market, the leading firms are happy to provide you with a genuine no-commitment rental service, with no agreements to tie you down – meaning that you really can start and stop your rental period whenever you wish. Yes, you’ve guessed it – we are one of those companies here at Paperclick.

  1. It allows you to sample machinery

When you are genuinely unsure what your longer-term business printing needs will be, it can be advantageous to be able to sample certain machinery and watch the effect on your bottom line from month to month. This way, if a given printer turns out not to be the right one for your business’s needs, you can simply swap it for another one at a similarly affordable rental fee.

So, with these advantages in mind, why not investigate our own renowned printer rental service here at Paperclick to see which machine and all-round deal could be the most suitable one for you?