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5 Tips to Save Time and Money in the Workplace

April 4, 2016

Saving both time and cash is appealing to any seriously aspiring business. Even if you reckon that your company’s current schedule and budget both are close to exhausted and have as much leeway as a tin of sardines, you could be pleasantly surprised by how much extra you can spare by following the tips below. At Paperclick, we can directly help you on the way.


Make more use of cloud computing services


Thanks to the increasingly broad use of cloud computing services, working on the move or from home is much easier than it probably ever has been. With our help, you can get up and running with a Microsoft Office 365 package – and included in that will be 1TB of cloud storage. You can then, outside your usual workplace, edit business documents on your personal devices – meaning that you can spend less time doing it after arriving at work.


Limit your expenditure on equipment as far as practically possible


Before spending on any new equipment for your business, carefully consider whether you can lower your expenditure while still getting the tools that you strictly need. For example, if printing paper copies of documents isn’t something that your company needs to do regularly, you might be able to save cash by renting, rather than buying, a printer as and when you need it. Our own printer rental service could come in particularly useful here.


Use Skype to keep in touch with work colleagues


Calling and texting on your phone can see costs stack up – however, a great alternative is Skype, which allows you to make audio and video calls for free. Still, you can only benefit from free conversing here if both devices are using Skype; so, whether your colleagues use iOS, Android or Windows mobile devices, make sure that they’ve all got Skype installed. Thankfully, it’s available to freely download to a staggeringly large range of devices.


Make extensive use of social media sites


Facebook and Twitter are free for you to use as much as you like – so you might as well take promotional advantage of this. However, you shouldn’t consider simply setting up pages for your business on these sites sufficient; you should also use these social media sites to talk to and engage with your customers. That includes past, present and potential customers – you do, after all, want to both keep and attract business in order to grow.


Read from the trove of free business advice on the Internet


You’ve arguably already started following this tip if you’re reading this article; however, the wealth of other useful advice for saving time and money in the corporate space can rarely be overestimated as far as the Internet is concerned. You should find it easy to come across much of this advice through the use of Google; however, some advice sources are more reputable than others. We personally suggest that you start with this article on the respected financial site This is Money – it’s got plenty of tips that we haven’t mentioned.