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How to Make Your Summer Offers Stand Out

July 13, 2016

With the arrival of summer, your business might have decided to put on some special, seasonal offers in a bid to entice new customers. However, one big problem is that many of your competitors are probably doing the same thing. So, how can you make your own summer offers even easier to notice? Below are some techniques that we would suggest.


Keep your giveaways practical  

Giving away some products for free can be a no-brainer, but you will probably find that this fails to excite many people if you aren’t choosy about what exactly you give away. After all, how often do you feel genuine excitement when someone offers you a free pen?


Basically, the lesson to keep in mind here is that people better appreciate swag when it’s practical for them in particular. So, during summer, handing out beach towels, volleyballs or sunglasses is likely to go down especially well.


Go for some creative discounts

Again, temporarily slashing the prices of some of your products can seem an obvious move… so, why don’t you apply a bit of creative thinking in the process? You could, for example, further trim the same amount from the price with every extra ten degrees Celsius that the temperature rises. This can work particularly well if you’re selling drinks…


Here, we should add that offering savings and discounts to your customers can become a more practical possibility from your point of view when you streamline the costs of your business operations with our assistance. You could, for example, opt to rent a printer as and when you require it, rather than purchase one at full price.


Provide some seasonal tips and advice

While, as we have already mentioned, handing out suitable products for helping people to deal with the unique difficulties of summer can certainly be helpful, if you don’t feel like giving away free stuff is really an option for your company, you could instead distribute advice via a newsletter or regular email updates.


You probably have your own experience of seeing headlines like “Check out our new flavour of fruit juice” in your email inbox and immediately considering it spam to be deleted without reading. You can, however, prevent your own emails being disposed of in the same way by going for a headline which makes clear how your products can help the recipients – like “Handle the summer heat with our new pineapple and coconut smoothie!”


Partner with another business

Provided that the business you opt to partner with is not competing with your own, running promotional campaigns in collaboration with this business can be mutually beneficial. It can be especially good for reaching out to people who might not have previously considered buying from your company.


Go for a company whose services complement yours; if, for example, you offer Hawaiian-style smoothies, you could partner with a clothing retailer that sells Hawaiian-style shirts. There are lots of different, imaginative possibilities – so, try to be creative with what you promote and what company you promote it alongside.