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Our Top Ways to Make Your Business Digital

April 29, 2016

As proud as we are of our print services and solutions, we also know that any ambitious business is, in this day and age, hugely reliant on a digital component in order to stay competitive. That’s why we provide a broad gamut of IT services and solutions that can prove especially effective in combination with our non-digital offer. Here, we explain more about how many of our digital services can help your business to reap more impressive returns in the twenty-first century.

Software solutions

Software can be part of the lifeblood of any successful company today, but we aren’t just referring to some basic word processor or spreadsheet software that hasn’t been updated in ten years. We mean software like Office 365 for constant productivity in and out of the office, Autodesk for sophisticated 3D design, and other useful software like Adobe and VMWare.

Cloud services

Being constantly connected to the cloud means that your company’s workers can continue being productive even when they aren’t physically in the office. They can, for example, do heavy duty work on their latest document or presentation on their laptop or tablet on the train journey to your company’s premises, and then polish it up on their smartphone as they walk off the train. This is all possible because all of the changes can routinely be saved to a single place: the cloud.

Security solutions

When transferring more of your company’s working practices to the digital realm, you should make arrangements for ensuring that the software your firm is increasingly using will continue to get regular security updates. After all, if your company’s computer network is hacked into and vital digital documents are stolen, this could hugely damage your company’s reputation in the eyes of potential customers. Thankfully, at Paperclick, we offer a very wide range of security solutions – including VPN, DDOS, IPS and data loss prevention – that can help keep hackers at bay.

Data centre solutions

Though you might be content to stick with using another company’s data centre for your data storage needs, we reckon that you should at least consider making the move to your firm’s own facility. You will have more control over how your company’s precious data is stored – and our experts here at Paperclick can help you to design your own data centre. You could be pleasantly surprised by how straightforward it is to establish a scalable, resilient infrastructure with our help.

PBX solutions

Whether you have it hosted on-premises or in the cloud, a PBX – that means private branch exchange – telephone system can help your business to trim its communication costs. That’s because, within the company, the PBX system will switch calls between corporate users on local lines while permitting all users to share a particular number of external lines. Therefore, it is not necessary to fund, for each user, an individual line to the telephone firm’s central office. At Paperclick, we can much assist you in getting your firm’s own PBX telephone system up and running.