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Why print marketing is making a comeback

December 14, 2016

Why print marketing is making a comeback

With so much emphasis on digital marketing, it can be easy to overlook the benefits that traditional advertising methods can bring. However, the best marketing strategies include a delicate balance of both mediums. Many businesses seem to be reverting to the marketing methods of years gone by, including posters, flyers and advertising boards, and we take a quick look at why that is.

Print marketing is a great way of boosting engagement

Engagement is vital to the success of any marketing strategy, and print marketing is sure to deliver impressive results in this respect. Forbes gained some results from a neuroscience study which concluded that paper-based content forms a deeper connection with our brains. The firm that carried out this study used eye-tracking software to compare the effects of direct mail and email marketing on an audience. They found that direct mail was better for brand recall and easier to process mentally. In a world where it’s thought that digital media has the edge over print marketing in all aspects, these findings could come as a surprise some.

What’s more, 79% of people either read or scan mail that is posted to them – meaning your brand and your services will be viewed and memorised by a larger audience.

You can target a wider demographic

Not everyone has access to the internet, especially older customers. Many people still like to have a physical copy of an advertising leaflet to keep and look at in their own time. If your only way of promoting your services is through the internet, then you have to be positive that your audience has access to this medium and will be online at the time you post your marketing messages.

You cannot be certain that your audience will simply scroll past your messages, either. Print marketing is an inclusive way of advertising your products to more people. It also forces people to take notice of your messages. However, your materials need to be well-designed and printed professionally to ensure they have the maximum impact. If you need a cost-effective way of getting your marketing materials to print, then why not look at some of our printer rental packages?

You will not have to waste time growing your audience        

Digital marketers spend months, even years, trying to build up a large and loyal following on digital platforms. This is not a problem with print marketing because you will have access to hundreds, maybe even thousands, of people at your fingertips – without the need for growing databases.

All you need to do is estimate how many people are living in the area you want to target and then produce enough materials to satisfy this demand. As long as you have the financial resource, you can send print marketing materials to as many people as you want.

However, you should be aware that it’s very difficult for companies to promote themselves using one technique alone sufficiently. It is important to find the right balance between print and digital marketing so that you can target all segments of your demographic and accommodate for changing consumer habits.