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Why Print Marketing Needs to be Part of Your Strategy

July 14, 2016

It’s tempting to think that print marketing is to digital marketing what the videotape is to the Blu-ray disc: a relic of the past that can’t hope to match its more modern equivalent for convenience or effectiveness. However, we reckon that you would be very wrong to think so – closer scrutiny reveals that print marketing has various merits which can elude digital marketing. Below are some of the biggest reasons to continue including print in your promotional drive.


Variable printing can make target customers feel more special


What is variable printing? In marketing, it’s basically customising different pieces of print media to ensure that each of those pieces is more specifically tailored to convert the intended recipient into a paying customer. So, leaflets sent in the post could each include the name of a different target customer. Oh, and if, to cite an alternative example, you want to send out coupons, you could print them with individual serial numbers to allow you to track which of the recipients actually use them.


Variable printing certainly isn’t new, but there are strong advantages of ramping up your use of it in marketing today. One is that the process of variable printing is cheaper than it used to be, thanks to advancements in printing technology. Another is that, as the people you are mailing can recognise that customised print marketing requires more effort than customised digital marketing, those people could feel more special. You don’t often see personalisation in print marketing!


Print marketing is rarer and so can stand out more


With many companies putting their marketing efforts into the online sphere, you could surprisingly easily attract attention by continuing with print marketing – even if it’s used in tandem with an online campaign. Allow your rivals to write print advertising off as “outdated” at their peril!


Mailing print materials can be particularly effective in comparison to emailing materials, as emails can be much easier for recipients to ignore than print flyers and paper envelopes. Think about it: whenever a bunch of letters or leaflets have come through your front door, you will spend at least a few seconds looking through them to see if there is anything interesting. Marketing emails, on the other hand, can be easily ignored as “spam” after just a brief look at the subject line.


There are various cost-effective options for printing


Having read everything that we have just said in favour of print marketing, you might remain concerned that strengthening your focus on this kind of marketing would still require too much additional financial outlay. However, you should look closer at the printing options open to you before jumping to that conclusion. At Paperclick, we would be happy to put you at ease.


Turn to us, and you can either rent printers – should you be anticipating only occasionally embarking on print marketing campaigns – or purchase printers, a better option if you intend to produce a steady stream of materials. You can choose whichever option would be more cost-effective for you.